Reviews of the V.A. Kuleshov’s Neutralizer

You know, now there is a lot of talk about whether radiation from a telephone is harmful. Someone advises to stand by the window when talking, this supposedly minimizes the risk. When making a call, the radiation intensifies, so at this time the phone should be put on the table or kept away from you, or the phone should be turned off if you know that there is no connection and you do not need to call. And someone thinks even more creatively and suggests wearing it in a case … on the leg!)) It seems to me that this is all some kind of madness. Well, who will carry a phone on his leg or look for a window to call. Yes, you need to defend yourself, but not by such fanatical methods, the effectiveness of which still needs to be proved. Search the internet for adequate protection methods. I found a special protective sticker on the phone, called V.A.Kuleshov’s neutralizer. Its task is to protect against electromagnetic radiation. For me personally, this method is more convenient, because at work I have to talk a lot on the phone, and believe me, it is not convenient for me to constantly run up to the window or do something else. This sticker should be glued to the back of the mobile phone and forget about this problem. In any case, the developers say so, by the way, scientists. I have been using it for 3 months, I hope it works.


When I was expecting a child, I also thought about the negative radiation from a smartphone and a computer. It seems to me, no matter how modern today’s mobile phones are, radiation to some extent occurs. For my peace of mind, I purchased protective stickers, called “neutralizer” from the scientist VA Kuleshov (ordered on the official website). They can be glued to your phone, computer, tablet. They create a protective barrier and minimize harmful radiation as much as possible. For pregnant women, this is what you need so as not to worry about yourself and your unborn child once again. In any case, during pregnancy, it is advisable to minimize mobile phone calls and computer work.


Recently I started thinking about protecting my family from radiation. There is a lot of equipment in our house, children are constantly sitting at a computer, tablets and something needs to be done so that all this radiation does not affect their health. I began to look for materials for protection, I found several proposals on the Internet. Each of them has its own pros and cons, having studied them in sufficient detail, she opted for protective stickers from the scientist Kuleshov. They protect against the magnetic field, which just negatively affects our health, performance, etc. From the pros: they can be used not only on smartphones, but also on tablets and computers. I purchased 6 of these stickers, 3 of which are for the whole family on smartphones, the rest on a computer, on a tablet and on a microwave oven. By the way, I ordered on the website and received a 10% discount for such a volume, a small bonus, but nice, for which I thank you (do not take it as an advertisement). Another plus: the application does not require any skills, knowledge, difficulties, as with some other methods. Now, to some extent, I consider us protected from harmful radiation and I am already calmer for the children. I haven’t found any cons yet.


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