Kuleshov Valery Anatolievich

Kuleshov Valery Anatolievich

Head of the scientific and methodological direction of health-improving color correction

Kuleshov Valery Anatolyevich – Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Professor, Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Sciences of Ecology, Human and Environmental Safety (MANEB), Head. Department of “Color Information Education” of the International University of Fundamental Education (IUFO), Oxford Educational Network in the Russian Federation.

Laureate of the All-Russian Exhibition Center of the Russian Federation (now VDNKh) “Gold Medal” in the use of controlled and corrective color tones in the human health-improving sphere.

Author of numerous scientific papers and training programs on the use of color in the field of psychology, pedagogy and human health. Creator of “Chromology” (“Tsvetonologii”) – the science of controlled and corrective color tones.

Founder of the “Flower Hour Genoecology” direction – the practical application of color tones in genetics and ecology, in the aspect of psychophysiological changes in the parameters of hourly activity of the work of external and internal human organs.

Scientific works and articles of V.A. Kuleshova

Open list
  • The article “Information color and education” based on the materials of the report in the Moscow city newspaper “Moskvichi” No. 2 February 2002. download
  • Magazine “Women’s Health” March 3, 2002 Article by VA Kuleshov “Wallpaper for insomnia”. download
  • The article “Color codes people” newspaper “Mir zazerkalya” # 4 February 2005. download
  • Article “Programming health improvement or” neurosound programming “newspaper” Moskvichka” February 2005 download
  • Article “Color expert new profession” in the magazine “Spirit of the time”. May 2008.
    You can download only the article in .doc format
    Or download the entire “Spirit of Time” magazine in .pdf format
  • The article “Weight loss in the rainbow spectrum” magazine “Lose weight correctly” May 2008. download
  • CHROSTOMATY OF CODED COLOR AND IMAGE. (selected articles, publications and reports, revised and supplemented with new research)
    download book (75 MB)
  • Review of the collection of scientific papers and articles by V.A. Kuleshov under the general title “Reader of coded color and images”
  • V.A. Kuleshov “METHOD OF USING EDUCATIONAL AND HEALTHY COLOR MODELS IN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS”, Domodedovo, 2009. download Review of the article download
  • Conference materials: Article “PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGICAL COLORIMETRY”, authors: Kuznetsov B.P., Kuleshov V.A., Shanti P. Jayasekara download
  • Kuleshov V.A. Article: “Colorology in the education system or methods of using educational and recreational color models in order to optimize the emotional, cognitive and personal development of the participants in the educational process” Study guide. Domodedovo 2010. download
  • “Application for the opening of the urban experimental site” and “Conclusion on the operation of the urban experimental site of the first level on the use of color information educational and health-improving rehabilitation technologies in educational and preschool institutions” download

You can find even more information and articles on V.A. Kuleshov’s website – hromalogia.ru

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