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 Sticker “Neutralizer”

“Color reflex corrector V. A. Kuleshova” Krasnodar

V. A. Kuleshov, L. V. Loginova


VA Kuleshov, LV Loginova



Physico-mathematical selection of  combinations of different geometric color forms, applied to any base (in this case, on paper), allows you to change the direction of electromagnetic radiation and their properties of impact on humans.

The intellectual product “Color reflex corrector V.А. Kuleshova “Neutralizer – sticker” is a color correction device that not only “protects” from electromagnetic radiation, but also “harmonizes” electrical waves, converting them into useful for humans.

The know-how of this “intellectual product” is that it separates electrical waves from electromagnetic radiation, passing the first, and transforms the second. Electric waves increase the energy potential of a person, but electromagnetic waves, due to their magnetic field, distort the field of human organs, disrupting their normal functioning, which leads to a deterioration in the general condition of a person. 

Key words : * “Neutralizer”; * “Sticker-Corrector”; * “Color reflex corrector V. A. Kuleshova”; * “Chromology”; * “Colorology”; * “Color expert”; *”Protection”; * “Transformation”; * “Health-saving environment”; * “Phantom color correction memory”; * “Color correction rectangular” plateau-matrices “; * “Electromagnetic radiation”; * “Electric wave radiation”; * “Color Correction”.

Abstract. Physics and mathematical combinations of different geometric colored figures, applied to any surface (in our case to paper surface), allows to change the direction of electromagnetic radiation and its characteristics of its impact on a man. Intellectual product “Color and reflex corrector Neutralizer-sticker is the color and remedial device which not only“ protects ”from electromagnetic radiation, but also“ harmonies ”electrical waves by converting them into helpful for a person.

Keywords: “Converter”; “Sticker-Corrector”; Tsvetograficheskie VA Kuleshov; Chromalogy, Svetonology; Svetonolog; “Protection”; “Transformation”; “Nurturing environment”; Phantom color correction memory; “Color correction rectangular” plateau-matrix “,” Electromagnetic radiation “,” Electric wave “,” Color Correction “.

* Theoretical note : All colors have the same name, but they are perceived by people using a visual or tactile neuro-analyzer in different ways, taking into account individual color tones, which is the main difference between people in terms of psychological, mental and physiological parameters. These color tones create an individual health-preserving environment for each person. In turn, this environment is determined by the internal (especially hereditary) and external (ecological) environment of human existence and habitation.

These features are studied by the science of “Chromalogy” (Greek: “chromas” – color; “logos” – teaching) – the science of controlled (coded) color, both natural and artificial, or “Tsvetonologiya” (Russian: color + tone + study) – a science that studies the effects of color tones on the health- preserving human environment ( www.hromalogya.ru ).

At present, the “Methodology of color-psychological recovery through color geometric and object images of color-psychological models” has been created – “Color reflex correctors by V. A. Kuleshov” and other names of the same type of research and methodological work of V. A. Kuleshov “Color-hour gene ecology” (see “Testimony RF “series AA No. 0130 dated 10.17.2014) and” Recreational color-psychological models “Color reflex correctors V. A. Kuleshov” (see “UN Certificate” UNESCO series ВС No. 1010443 dated 17.10.2014), in which the object of study is ” VA Kuleshov’s color reflex correctors for group and individual use.

* At the moment, the color-correction innovation is “V. A. Kuleshova’s Color Reflective Corrector” “NEUTRALIZER” LABELwhich is a correction device for personal or individual use.

Neutralizer V.A.  Kuleshova on a mobile phoneThis “STICKER” is stuck on the phone, as a result of which not only negative electromagnetic radiation is “neutralized”, but also “converted” into useful ones, which leads to an improvement in the bodily, energy and general condition of a person.

These statements are confirmed by the studies carried out in the “Laboratory of Scientific and Methodological Problems of Sports Reserve Training” at the Kuban Research Institute of Physical Education, in the medical center “New Medicine” and the “Laboratory for Special Assessment of Working Conditions” industrial chamber of Krasnodar region. The use of a mobile phone helps to strengthen these processes.

Various modifications of “color models” of “VA Kuleshov’s color reflex correctors” of “NEUTRALIZERS” were created, which enhance the positive impact of the color physical and mathematical model on a person, of which the most effective one was chosen in terms of “NEUTRALIZING” the electromagnetic effect of telephones and other household appliances on a person and at the same time “TRANSFORMATION” of negative electrical waves into positive ones.

In the “Conclusions”, “Protocols” and “Acts” on Scientific Research Work (R&D), these indicators are defined for a person:

  1. in the device “ROFES” as energy, bodily, and psycho-emotional potentials;
  2. in the “GDV” device, as an area of ​​solid color glow and breakdowns;
  3. in the device “Imeris” for bioresonance therapy, as bioresonance potential;
  4. in the meter of levels of electromagnetic radiation P3-41 complete with antenna AP-1, as electromagnetic radiation;
  5. in the meter of parameters of EMF industrial frequency BE-50, as electric waves.



It is not a secret for anyone that today they are very attentive to environmental problems. Indeed, among many global problems of our time, it is electromagnetic pollution that is one of the central ones. Therefore, these days, special systems are very common to protect a person from these radiation. Precisely such a protective and at the same time corrective device is VA Kuleshov’s Color Reflective Corrector “Neutralizer” , which is attached to the radiation source in the form of a “sticker”.

The base of the “sticker-corrector” is a paper adhesive backing, on which 5 types of color-correction rectangular “plateau-matrices” are mathematically calculated and applied by typographic method. Each “plateau-matrix” has a strict number of color geometric shapes (8 end snowflakes and rectangles) of different shapes and sizes. The total number of color geometric shapes on the “stickers” is several tens of thousands of pieces. In the process of exposure to electromagnetic radiation on each “plateau-matrix”, there is, as it were, “containment” of the electromagnetic radiation, with a simultaneous amplification and change of electrical wave radiation. As a result of this, there is not only 80-100% “neutralization or protection” from electromagnetic, but also ≈ 30% amplification and “conversion” of a harmful electric field into useful electric waves, which is an additional source of improving the energy potential in the human body (see “Conclusions”, “Protocols” and “Acts” on research). The stability of this result, after the application of the “sticker”, was also revealed, from several minutes or more, defined as “phantom color correction memory”.



* THE PERSON, IN THIS CASE, performs the function of a “bioaccumulator”, which is “recharged by health”…. from any household electrical appliance, for example: a mobile phone, a microwave oven, a computer by attaching a “Neutralizer” sticker to a source of electromagnetic radiation, while using these electrical products in everyday life.

Thus, the more in our life we ​​use household electromagnetic devices with “VA Kuleshov’s Color Reflexo Correctors” “NEUTRALIZERS” attached to them, the better we feel, and most importantly we become healthier. For example: the more we talk on a mobile phone, the … healthier we become.

* In conclusion, it should be added that there is no such color-information innovation in terms of the effectiveness of “protection” and the simultaneous “transformation” of harmful electromagnetic radiation into useful for the human body in Russia and in the world.


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Kuleshov Valery Anatolievich


Doctor of Philosophy ( PhD ), Professor,

Corresponding Member of MANEB, “Laureate of the All-Russian Exhibition Center” – a gold medal for the discovery in the field of coded color


LLC “Laboratory of Information Design”,

Krasnodar, Russia.

E-mail: kuleshov01@mail.ru

Loginova Ludmila Vitalievna


LLC “Laboratory of Information Design”,

Krasnodar, Russia.

E-mail: 3332276@mail.ru

Kuleshov V . A .


Doctor philosophy (PhD), professor, corresponding member MANEB, Gold Medal General subject: All-Russia Exhibition Center.



OOO “Laboratory Information Design”, Krasnodar, Russia





Loginova LV


OOO “Laboratory Information Design”, Krasnodar, Russia