1. Why do we need a sticker “Neutralizer” by V. A. Kuleshov?

* In the process of negative radiation of a mobile phone and other sources of electromagnetic influence, a person undergoes changes: 1) bioresonance functioning of organs, which negatively affects their condition and leads to diseases (studies were carried out on the device “IMEDIS – BRT”); 2) bodily and energy potential, which decrease (the research was carried out at the agro-industrial complex “ROFES”); 3) a decrease in the area of ​​color luminescence, which determines the deterioration of the work of the whole organism (the studies were carried out at the APK “QUANTUM-PRO” GDV – BIOELECTROGRAPHY); 4) The human body absorbs electromagnetic radiation, thereby harming the entire body (the studies were carried out in the P3-41 electromagnetic radiation level meter complete with the AP-1 antenna, as electromagnetic radiation).

  * The sticker “Neutralizer” by V. A. Kuleshov is not only neutralization – PROTECTION AGAINST ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION of a person, but also CONVERSION OF HARMFUL EMRADIATION INTO USEFUL FOR HUMAN.

2. I use headphones, so I don’t need protection against the sticker of VA Kuleshov’s “Neutralizer” !?

* There is an opinion that if you talk on a mobile phone through headphones, it will protect a person from electromagnetic radiation. Research has shown that this is not the case. It does not matter where the mobile phone is in the hand or leaning against the ear, negative radiation affects the person in the same way: the main thing is tactile contact.

3. I have a protective device from a mobile phone from other companies, so I don’t need a sticker “Neutralizer” by V. A. Kuleshov !?

Advantage over protective devices of other companies:

“Intellectual product”: “Color reflex corrector V.А. Kuleshova “Neutralizer – stickers” is a long-term color correction device that not only “protects” from electromagnetic radiation, but also “harmonizes” electrical waves, converting them into useful ones for humans. Plus the price and accompanying documents proving the harmlessness and usefulness of the “smart” product.

4. Is it possible to protect yourself with the sticker “Neutralizer” by V. A. Kuleshov from harmful radiation from other household appliances, for example: a computer, smartphone, microwave oven, etc.?

Yes! Can! The “Neutralizer” sticker is used in the same way as on a mobile phone, sticking the adhesive side to the radiation source.

5. How, from a scientific point of view, is the protection and simultaneous recovery by the sticker “Neutralizer” by VA Kuleshov carried out?

Physicomathematical selection of  combinations of different geometric color forms, applied to any base (in this case, on paper), allows you to change the direction of electromagnetic radiation and its properties of impact on humans.

The innovative know-how of this “intellectual product” is that it separates electrical waves from magnetic waves, allowing the first to pass through and restraining the second. Electric waves improve the energy, bodily and psychoemotional potential of a person, but magnetic waves, due to their magnetic field, distort the natural field of human organs, disrupting their normal functioning, which leads to a deterioration in the general condition of a person and chronic pathologies.

6. My child sits in a smartphone and computer from morning till night. He began to study poorly, became nervous, complains of headaches! What I just did not do to discourage him from this, all is useless. What to do?

The “Neutralizer” sticker will help you and your child by placing it on the smartphone or computer where your child is sitting. He will go away from headaches, hyperactivity, attention and memory will improve, and as a result he will become better at studying.

7. Where and on what devices were the studies of the usefulness of using the sticker “Neutralizer” by V. A. Kuleshov carried out?

“Laboratory of Scientific and Methodological Problems of Sports Reserve Training” at the Kuban Research Institute of Physical Education:

  • in the device “ROFES” as energy, bodily, and psycho-emotional potentials;
  • in the “GDV” device, as an area of ​​solid color glow and breakdowns;

Medical Center “New Medicine”, Krasnodar:

  • in the device “Imeris” for bioresonance therapy, as bioresonance potential;

“Laboratory for Special Assessment of Working Conditions” (SAUT) of the Department of Expertise, Appraisal and Certification at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Krasnodar Region:

  • in the meter of levels of electromagnetic radiation P3-41 complete with antenna AP-1, as electromagnetic radiation;
  • in the meter of parameters of EMF industrial frequency BE-50, as electric waves.

8. Who is Valery Anatolyevich Kuleshov?

Kuleshov Valery Anatolyevich – Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Professor, Corresponding Member of the RF MANEB, Head. Department of Color Information Education, IUFS, Oxford Educational Network in the Russian Federation. Laureate of the All-Russian Exhibition Center of the Russian Federation “Gold Medal” in the use of controlled and corrective color tones in the health-improving sphere of man.

Scientific supervisor of the only official 2-level experiment in the world scientific practice 2007-2011. on the use of correction color in psychological and pedagogical practice under the auspices of the Moscow Department of Education and the “Psychological Institute” of the Russian Academy of Education. Awarded with a “Diploma” of the Moscow Department of Education.

The author of numerous inventions, scientific papers and educational programs on the use of color on humans in the field of psychology, pedagogy and human health improvement. Creator of the science “Chromalogia” (“Cvetonology”) – the science of controlled and corrective color tones: www.hromalogia.ru

Founder of the “Flower Hour Genoecology” direction – the practical application of color tones in genetics and ecology to correct the negative hereditary program (fate) in humans, in the aspect of psychophysiological changes in the parameters of hourly activity of external (sensory organs) and internal human organs.

9. What scientific works of V.А. Kuleshov were the prerequisites for the creation of the sticker “Neutralizer” by V. A. Kuleshov?

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