Have you ever thought about how much time you spend every day on your phone, tablet or laptop?

That’s right, watch! Every call, every SMS that requires your answer, every new post on Instagram. It turns out that half of the day is associated with communication through electronic devices.

As a result: our vision is in constant tension, our eyes are focused on the image on the screen, but what happens to our brain?

Electromagnetic radiation from phones, tablets, and laptops constantly affects our brains.

The moment your phone shows the cellular operator’s signal on the screen, your cerebral cortex is irradiated, when your phone receives an incoming call from a friend, you are irradiated, when you sleep peacefully, putting your phone on your bedside table, you continue to be irradiated!

All those around us, including children, are exposed to radiation! Moreover, every child now has their own smartphone.

Our apartments are equipped with wi-fi, and this is also a round-the-clock effect on our body!

Therefore, let’s think about it, is there any opportunity today to protect yourself and your child from widespread harmful effects?

There is such an opportunity! Alternatively, a protective sticker for your phone, tablet and laptop.

Read the information posted on our website and find out how you can buy a Kuleshov Neutralizer sticker.

We will be glad to receive your questions and wishes!

Be healthy and happy!