I welcome everyone. My name is Valery Kuleshov.

I am the Head of the scientific and methodological direction of health-improving color correction

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Professor, Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Sciences of Ecology, Human and Nature Safety (MANEB), Head. Department of “Color Information Education” of the International University of Fundamental Education (IUFO), Oxford Educational Network in the Russian Federation.

Winner of the All-Russian Exhibition Center of the Russian Federation (now VDNKh) “Gold Medal” in the use of controlled and corrective color tones in the health-improving sphere of man.

Author of numerous scientific papers and educational programs on the use of color in the field of psychology, education
Human Wellness

Creator of Chromalogy (Tsvetonologii) – the science of controlled and corrective color tones.

Founder of the “Color Hour Genoecology” direction – the practical application of color tones in genetics and ecology, in the aspect of psychophysiological changes in the parameters of hourly activity of the external and internal organs of a person

I plan to stay here for a long time. I am ready to share with you my 30 years of experience in many fields of science
I have a lot of surprises for you and as young people say, high-quality and useful content

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