The aging process is associated with a decrease in the number of cell divisions. The older a person is, the less often cell division occurs, that is, the number of “new” or “young” cells becomes less and less with age. The main factor in cell division is their nutrition, through the supply of hemoglobin to them in the blood. The main nutrient of hemoglobin, which affects the division process, is iron ions.

A Water for Health sticker placed on a liquid container changes the water chemistry. As a result, the water acquires healing and useful properties for humans, such “correction” water has a particularly important property as a result of the appearance of iron ions in it, which was proved as a result of research in the “Kubanlaboratory” of Krasnodar.

At the present time, a sticker “Neutralizer” has been developed – the V. A. Kuleshov Converter for multifunctional use. Applications and locations can be illustrated in this handout:

As follows from the diagram, one and the same sticker can perform several functions: * protect from Electromagnetic and other radiation; * improve behavior, study and speech; * improve the taste and quality of water; * improve behavior and health .

Sticker “Neutralizer” – V. A. Kuleshov’s transducer is a “New Product”, which is based on the principles of Bioresonance Therapy and Corrective “Tsvetonology” (